Inspirational Speaker

A recognized expert and an engaging and energetic speaker, Dr. Regina Lark regularly educates and engages audiences at conferences and in companies on topics such as women’s leadership, time management, productivity, and more.

Motivational Trainer

Dr. Regina Lark can help your organization navigate the role gender plays in employee productivity, engagement, and performance. In large or small groups, Regina supports teams and individuals as they work through their mental clutter to overcome procrastination, poor time management, and disorganization.

Media-Ready Expert

A natural on television or live streaming video, radio or podcasts, Dr. Regina Lark’s expertise, intelligence, and perspective are in high demand.

Regina Lark, Personal Organizer Brazil, A recognized expert and an engaging and energetic speaker

“Regina is undoubtedly one of our highest rated speakers, two years in a row!

— Loma Linda University Health

“Dynamic speaker. I loved the interactive Q&A session. I appreciated her strategies. I will definitely incorporate what I’ve learned from Regina into my daily life.”

— Conference Attendee


  • Chronic disorganization
  • Executive function and ADHD
  • Hoarding
  • Productivity
  • Psychological connections between clutter and shame
  • Special organizing needs of people with ADD, ADHD, autism and Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Time management
  • Women, emotional labor, mental load, and the workplace
  • Workplace productivity
Vistage Emerging Leader Program

Vistage Emerging Leader Program welcomes Regina Lark as a new speaker. vistage.com

Emotional labor, Masking the Difficulty

“Regina facilitated our most successful brain collective to date! The participants were so engaged that most of them stayed on past the allotted time to hear more. She had amazing content with breakout sessions and answered questions throughout her presentation, making it extremely fun and interactive. If you are considering Regina for your next event, don’t wait! Just book her! She won’t disappoint and her content is needed now more than ever.”

— A.J. MacQuarrie Director of Special Programs National Speakers Association L.A.


Emotional Labor: Why A Woman's Work Is Never Done and What to Do About IT

Emotional labor is the unseen, unnoticed, unwaged, unwritten work women do in the home and in the paid workforce. Largely invisible, the mental load of emotional labor weighs heavily on the shoulders of women yet the value is huge. 

Psychic Debris: the Relationship Between the Stuff in Your Head and What's Under Your Bed.

Is a cluttered closet a manifestation of a cluttered mind? Psychic Debris explores the relationship between the stuff in our head and what’s under our bed.