The One Conversation That Always Turns Into A Fight (& How To Make Peace)

Radical relationship problems demand radical solutions.
By Regina Lark, Ph.D. — Written on Apr 12, 2023

In my career as a professional organizer, I am privy to the ways married couples speak and think differently from each other regarding the arduous work of what I like to call, “household management”. The type that some people might call “women’s work” — which is based on the historical myth that “women are just better at it.” Read more…

My Beauty Collection Needed an Intervention—Here’s How I Organized the Chaos

September 29, 2022

I have an embarrassing confession: I’m extremely disorganized. And as someone who is a beauty editor and is constantly barraged with new skincare and makeup products, it can be a huge problem. Add in the fact that I have inattentive ADHD (disorganization can be a symptom of the disorder), and the concept of keeping things organized is a true struggle. Even before I wrote about beauty, I wasn’t the best at keeping my then-small collection in an orderly fashion. (My childhood Caboodle case was always a chaotic scene with Bonne Bell Lip Smackers all over the place.) Read more…

How to Conquer Chaos in Your New Business You have a skill, and want to turn it into a company. Here’s what you need to do

If there’s anything you can be sure of in life and business, it’s that you must expect the unexpected. Sometimes, great things can come from the surprises life throws at us.

Dr. Regina Lark knows this lesson well. Before founding her firm, A Clear Path, Regina was immersed in higher education. But when budget cuts eliminated her position at UCLA, Regina found herself starting over at age 50, during the economic recession in 2008.  Read more…


For the Professional Fiduciary, from a Hoarding

Clear-Out Specialist (Part 1 of 2)

If you have worked as a Fiduciary for any length of time, chances are good that you’ve walked into a hoarded house. Shoulder against the front door, you push hard to gain access, and once inside, as your eyes adjust to the diminished light, you greet your client with a hearty “Hello! I’m here!” and you begin your initial assessment that begins with the thought, “Oy! What a mess!”

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“Dr. Regina Lark is not only an entertaining speaker, but extremely informative as well. Regina shares vulnerabilities in addition to just speaking on facts and data by providing real stories thereby fully engaging her audience. I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak on multiple occasions, and her passion and knowledge of the material she shares becomes immediately evident. Her speaking style is organized, yet lively and energetic. Through her presentation her excitement, enthusiasm and belief in her subject matter shines bright.”

— Maria Lubrano