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Please join me for an extraordinary online event—7 Powerful Days designed to help you Prioritize your Health and Well-Being.

Our friends at Heart Mind Institute and Wisdom for Life have teamed up to bring you the Self-Care Summit on May 10-16.

They’ve gathered more than 35 presenters to guide you, including self-care experts, authors, mindset and success coaches, and experts in relationships, finances, health & wellness and more.

I’m thrilled to speaking at the Summit, along with Sharon Salzberg, Stephen Porges, Kristen Neff, Shelly Tygielski, Justin Michael Williams, Richard Schwartz, Susan Piver, Christopher Germer, Shelah Marie, Richard Boyatzis, Misty Tripoli, Fleet Maull, Lara Boyd, Alex Echols, Marc Lesser, and many more…

Join us and together we’ll learn how the 7 pillars of Self-Care can improve our health and well-being!

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